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Skelton, Taintor & Abbott lawyers have extensive experience in labor and employment law in both the public and private sectors. Our attorneys represent both employers and employees in cases involving workplace injuries, employee benefits, sexual harassment, discrimination, family medical leave, employment contracts and wrongful termination. We also handle contract grievances and arbitration, and the negotiation and interpretation of collective bargaining agreements for both private companies and government entities.

Our attorneys have negotiated and drafted employment contracts covering executives, physicians, and other professionals. We advise clients daily on questions involving contract interpretation and termination, as well as compliance with federal and state laws regulating the employer-employee relationship.

Employees not working under a contract or collective bargaining agreement are considered at-will employees. In Maine, at-will employees may be terminated for any reason, provided the dismissal does not violate a law or public policy. For example, employers are not permitted to terminate or discriminate against employees because of their religion, age, race, gender, national origin, mental handicap, sexual preference, physical disability or pregnancy.

All employers must meet federal and state workplace health and safety standards administered by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration or state agencies and accessibility mandates under the ADA. For private employers, the regulations are enforced by the U.S. Department of Labor for private businesses. Maine public sector workplaces, including schools, municipal, county and state agencies fall under the jurisdiction of the Maine Department of Labor. Skelton, Taintor & Abbott attorneys have a detailed knowledge of these rules and regulations and advocate aggressively on behalf of our clients.

Employers in Maine are required to provide workers' compensation insurance for their employees, including payment of medical expenses and lost wages. In the event an employee is injured or killed in a work-related accident, workers' compensation insurance provides payment to the worker or his or her family. The amount and duration of benefits may vary, depending on whether the worker suffered a temporary or permanent disability or death.

Based in central Maine, Skelton, Taintor & Abbott is a full-service law firm and has built a reputation as one of Maine’s most respected and effective law firms. We serve individuals, businesses and government clients in Portland, South Portland, Biddeford, Lewiston, Auburn, Rockland, Augusta, Waterville and Bangor, as well as Androscoggin, Cumberland and York counties and throughout Maine.