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Intellectual Property

Bryan M. Dench 

Maine is noted for its spirit of inventiveness and ingenuity. To protect the fruits of that ingenuity, Skelton, Taintor & Abbott’s lawyers work to protect intellectual property, from the initial development through the licensing and marketing of new inventions and processes. We represent  both businesses and individual entrepreneurs. Our attorneys focus on legal issues, often on the cutting edge of technological innovation.

Skelton, Taintor & Abbott’s team of intellectual property lawyers handles all areas of intellectual property law, including patent law, copyright law, trademark law and trade secret law. Patent law includes new products, processes and inventions, while copyright law includes original works such as books, maps and computer programs. Trademark law protects brand names and identifying symbols. While not registered patent attorneys, we have many years of service to local investors in providing advice or invention analysis, product development, protection of ideas and licensing. We have a longstanding relationship with one of the country's leading intellectual property firms with which we work cooperatively on patent matters and other intellectual property issues which are national or international in scope.

We understand how hard you worked to develop your idea. We’ll work just as hard to help you protect it and see it through to fruition.

Skelton, Taintor & Abbott attorneys have built a reputation as one of Maine’s most trusted law firms through more than 150 years of providing legal service to businesses and individuals. Skelton, Taintor & Abbott’s intellectual property lawyers assist clients in Portland, South Portland, Biddeford, Lewiston, Auburn, Rockland, Augusta, Waterville and Bangor, as well as Androscoggin, Cumberland and York Counties.