Living and Working in the Heart of Maine

In central Maine—where we are as close to the mountains as we are to the coast—the quality of life is high, the cost of living is low, and the sense of community is strong. From breathtaking fall foliage to glittering snowfall to spectacular summer days on the river or lake, it’s a place of great beauty. It’s also a place filled with activity, diversity and opportunity.

The rich historic legacy of Maine’s twin cities is everywhere you look—mighty brick mills and soaring bridges along the Androscoggin River, graceful stone cathedrals and burnished brick colleges, streets lined with exquisite examples of American architecture … all surrounded by flourishing family farms and pristine forests. The area’s dynamic future is also apparent in the cultural diversity and development activity in the vibrant downtown district, which continues to expand.

Times have been good and times have been tough over the centuries, and through it all this hard-working, fun-loving, and honest community has always carried on and cared for its own.

Arts and Culture

From the nationally recognized Bates College Dance Festival to the Franco Center for Heritage and the Performing Arts, Auburn and Lewiston offer an impressive array of artistic and cultural opportunities.

You’ll find ST&A attorneys

Sports and Recreation

ST&A attorneys enjoy

  • Leisurely walks along the Spring Road Trail at Lake Auburn and the downtown Riverwalk. (After a good rainfall, the waterfalls really roar—and our team has spotted eagles, turtles, woodchucks, and more along the banks.)
  • Camping, fly fishing and hiking central Maine’s spectacular state parks, lakes, rivers, streams, and mountain peaks
  • Skiing at Lost Valley, snowshoeing between work and home in the winter—or cross-country skiing down quiet city streets after a blizzard
  • Running in one of the many local races or along the trails in the Androscoggin Riverlands
  • Birdwatching at the Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary
  • Biking in the Dempsey Challenge
  • Cheering the competitive camaraderie of youth and high school hockey, basketball, and more
  • Coaching local cross-country runners, training a mock trial team, or picking apples at one of the many farms in the areas


Auburn and Lewiston abound in excellent eating opportunities, from local farmers’ markets to craft breweries to fine dining. And if that isn’t enough, you are 30 minutes from one of the top dining destinations in America—Portland, Maine.

Educational Opportunities

ST&A headquarters are in close proximity to some of the nation’s premier colleges and universities. Our attorneys also appreciate—and actively support—the many local schools, summer camps, little league sports, churches, and clubs that enrich their family lives.

Whether our attorneys live in Lewiston or commute from surrounding cities and towns in southern Maine, they are close to everything—and right where they want to be.