Business and Finance Law

The laws of business and finance are highly complex, constantly changing tools in service of simple, timeless goals—to minimize risk, to maximize profit, and to make something that lasts. For over 160 years, our business and corporate clients have counted on Skelton Taintor & Abbott to help them do just that.

Our top-ranked business and finance team is known throughout New England for bringing clarity, insight and sound counsel to the conference table. We offer in-depth, sector-specific knowledge in key New England industries. We have the keen knowledge of regulations that only decades of hands-on policymaking can provide. And our convenient, centralized location in Lewiston, Maine, keeps us closer to more of the companies we serve and allows us to keep the cost for our services down.

From small startups to family businesses to Fortune 500 companies, ST&A has made business and finance law the cornerstone of our practice—and it shows.

To see how Skelton Taintor & Abbott can advance your business goals while lowering your legal expenses, call 207.784.3200.

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