Government, Municipal, Schools & Counties

For over 160 years, Skelton Taintor & Abbott has shaped public policy and helped to guide good governance in the communities where we live and work. No law firm in Maine has more public policy expertise or a deeper understanding of what makes life in Maine so unique. Municipal and governmental services are what we’re best known for—and no one does it better.

ST&A fields an experienced team of municipal and government attorneys. We guide elected officials, boards, and department heads toward effective, practical decisions, and actions that avoid disputes and lawsuits that can cost cities and governments dearly.

We conduct negotiations, draw up collective bargaining agreements, design interlocal agreements for shared services and functions, and other critical contracts. We represent government officials and employees in court and in administrative proceedings, and we offer legal advice and guidance as general counsel to governments and elected leaders.

ST&A’s central location keeps us in the center of the action. From our offices in downtown Lewiston, Maine, we can keep in close contact with developments in Augusta and in the many communities we serve. Because we are always aware of the budgetary constraints our clients face, we keep our billing costs to clients lower than comparable firms on the coast.

To see why so many Maine communities, cities, and counties trust the governmental and municipal law experts at ST&A, call 207.784.3200 today.