Education Law

Over the past 160 years, Skelton Taintor & Abbott have learned a lot about the unique legal challenges public and private schools, colleges and universities face—and how to overcome them. Our top-ranked lawyers care deeply about the educational system in our communities and are proud of the part we play in strengthening and sustaining it.

ST&A has a regional reputation for excellence, ethics and educational expertise. Our education law attorneys rank at the top of their professional fields, and are trusted advisors to school administrators and municipal policymakers on:

  • Planning and school consolidation
  • Public finance
  • Student life and student disclipline
  • Personnel and employment issues
  • Risk management
  • Intellectual property
  • Parental notification and privacy
  • Student health and safety
  • Tenure decisions
  • Collective bargaining and impasse resolution

We guide school boards toward policies with positive outcomes and help them avoid legal challenges and litigation costs. Aware of the budget constrains many schools must operate under, we are careful to keep our costs lower than comparable firms of our caliber. We value the education we have received and pride ourselves on providing similar value to schools, colleges and universities.

To learn how ST&A can support your public or private educational institution and save you money, call 207.784.3200 for an initial consultation.

Maine School Administrative District #52 and many more educational institutions rely on ST&A’s expertise in education law.