Location matters.

You will always find the attorneys of Skelton Taintor & Abbott at the top of our field, in the middle of the action, and right by your side. For over 160 years, the attorneys of Skelton Taintor & Abbott have been there for our clients, whether they are in Maine’s inland centers of government and commerce or along the New England coast.

Results matter. From our office in downtown Lewiston, we keep small businesses and big corporations ahead of the curve. We put schools, cities and governments on track for growth and prosperity. Whenever our clients break ground, build new partnerships or bring new ideas to market, we are there with the legal advice and services that ensure and further their success. And whenever our clients are injured or wronged, we are there to make sure their rights are protected and they are compensated to the full extent of the law.

We know that value matters, too. Year after year, national legal rankings put our attorneys above the rest. But because our lawyers love living and working in a smaller community, we can offer our proven expertise at a significantly greater value.

It is trust that matters most of all. ST&A has a national reputation for excellence, a record of success that spans a century and a half, and attorneys driven to make a difference. Our clients know how much they matter to us because we prove it every single day.

If you aren’t where you want to be, call us at 207.784.3200. We can help.