Construction Law

Contractor errors. Design flaws. Payments that are overdue. Skelton Taintor & Abbott’s construction attorneys  know the many ways even the simplest construction project can go wrong. We know how to help put your project back on track, or help resolve disputes when that is not possible.

We know that when work stops the unexpected expenses start to add up and that if a way forward isn’t found, no one will win. That is why our first goal is to design a plan and draft contract documents to keep construction projects out of court. But, when litigation or arbitration is necessary, we are ready to fight for you. We have successfully represented owners, contractors, and suppliers in all types of construction cases, from residential cases to complex, multi-party commercial cases.

If you are planning a construction project, or if your construction project isn’t going according to plan, schedule a consultation with ST&A at 207.784.3200 to see how we can help.