Zoning & Land Use

At Skelton Taintor & Abbott, our top-ranked attorneys have advised governments, companies and property owners on zoning and land use law for over 160 years. We know the lay of the land—and we know the legal strategies that lead to successful use and development agreements.

If you need land use or zoning approval or are undertaking a complex development project with land use and zoning implications, talk to ST&A. Our zoning and land use legal team includes former chairs of zoning boards of appeal and former planning board chairs. This firsthand experience with the process lets our attorneys find practical solutions that protect the public interest and the rights of private citizens. Our zoning and land use lawyers command real respect in the statehouse and other centers of government across Maine. Public policy is what we’re known for, and no one does it better.

To map out a strategy to implement or enforce zoning and land use codes and regulations, talk to the experienced legal team at ST&A. We care deeply about the communities and resources involved, and we can help. Call us at 207.784.3200