Probate Administration

At Skelton Taintor & Abbott, we have over 160 years of experience in probate administration. Our skilled probate attorneys work closely with families to ensure that the administration of an estate is as straightforward, non-stressful, and inexpensive as possible.

We advise executors/personal representatives on how to meet their obligations as the person in charge of the estate without adding complexity.  If an estate situation is more complex, our years of experience will help to guide you.

We pride ourselves on keeping probate administration out of court. In the rare instances where probate administration results in a dispute, we will vigorously defend your interests at the negotiation table and in the courtroom.

If you have been named the executor of an estate or if your family needs to administer an estate, talk to one of our top-ranked probate administration attorneys at 207.784.3200. We can help you move forward with confidence.