Employment Law

Employment law’s rules and regulations are extremely complicated and frequently change. Making a mistake can cost an employer or an employee dearly. At Skelton Taintor & Abbott, our top-ranked employment law attorneys know the rules and how to make the best case for our clients, with efficiency and affordability in mind.

For over 160 years, individuals and public and private employers across New England have relied on the ST&A employment law team to:

  • Draft and review complex employment contracts, severance agreements, non-compete agreements, personnel policies, and any other employment-related document
  • Advise on questions of employment law, including family medical leave, military leave, wage and hour compliance, retaliation, harassment, whistleblower issues, and much more
  • Provide guidance on compliance with federal and state laws and regulations
  • Successfully represent clients’ interests in cases involving:
    • Retaliation
    • Whistleblower and False Claims Act
    • Discrimination and Civil Rights
    • Harassment
    • Maine Human Rights Commission Actions
    • Family and Medical Leave Act (state and federal)
    • Wage and Hour Claims (state and federal)
    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
    • Title VII
    • National Labor Relations Act
    • Age Discrimination in Employment (ADEA)
    • USERRA
    • Policies, employee handbooks and severance agreements
    • Employment contracts
    • HR advice, training and support
  • Assist employees and employers in making decisions regarding workplace issues
  • Provide human resources support on hiring and firing decisions, updates on regulatory changes, employee trainings, around-the-clock advice on employee issues, and more.

Have a quick question that needs an immediate answer, or looking for long-term employment law support? We’re always here to help. Call 207.784.3200 to see how ST&A can put our well-known expertise in workplace law and our real-world record of success to work for you.