Train Your Managers to Handle Requests for Time Off

Your managers are key to many aspects of your organization – everything from employee engagement to reducing liability to knowing the employees enough to recognize when they are impaired. They are also your front line when employees are asking for time off for medical issues, which may trigger liability to offer disability or family medicalRead More

OSHA Inspections: First Impressions Count

Whether it’s a job interview, a presentation, or an inspection by a government auditor, first impressions count. That may be old news or common sense for most but we don’t always think of how to apply that to the work place and being ready for an OSHA or other inspection. How does that play outRead More

Update to Human Trafficking Poster Article

UP TO THE MINUTE UPDATE: DOES THE HUMAN TRAFFICKING POSTER APPLY TO YOU? We recently posted an article (link to article) letting employers know that the Maine Department of Labor (MDOL) issued a new poster about human trafficking (which you can find HERE). According to the MDOL’s website, that poster is required for all employers. Read More

New Employment Poster Required

UP TO THE MINUTE UPDATE: New Employment Poster Required as of August 2nd!           The Maine Department of Labor (MDOL) has issued a new poster about human trafficking which you can find HERE. Employers are required to display this poster in the workplace as of August 2, 2018.           While you’re downloading, printing and puttingRead More

Reasonable Accommodation for Marijuana Users

Reasonable Accommodation for What?? Although there are many arguments supporting medical use of marijuana, the problem for employers is the impact on safety in the workplace and the risk of violating federal law, which still lists marijuana as illegal. So what happens when an employee with a disability comes to you and requests a “reasonableRead More

Like a Stephen King Novel, IT Scares Us

In preparation for the Central Maine Human Resources Association’s program on what employers need to know about IT, we wanted to get everyone thinking about IT policies that any company might have.  Most companies use computer-based equipment for some number of tasks, even if they don’t think of themselves as dependent on tech.  For example,Read More

Don’t Compete and Don’t Tell

If you want to have a non-compete agreement, you can do that with an employee . . . but not an independent contractor. Remember, you can’t control an INDEPENDENT contractor.  Moreover, a truly independent contractor must have their own company doing their own work separate from your own company.  If you have people working forRead More