Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, and Unfair Competition

Wherever there is creativity and innovation, there will always be questions of ownership. The intellectual property team at Skelton Taintor & Abbott has the answers that help you benefit from your breakthroughs, and protect your rights. From concept to development to licensing and marketing, our copyright and trademark law attorneys successfully safeguard and stand up for your intellectual property rights.

Work with a legal team as creative as you are. Our top-ranked attorneys can help you decide on the best strategy to protect your processes and products:

    Protecting brand names, symbols, and services requires trademark registration. Our intellectual property attorneys help companies clear and register a trademark and vigorously defend it in both the physical and virtual marketplace, including trade dress and trade secrets.
    Original creative works, from songs to software, need copyright protection. ST&A registers client copyrights and counsels our clients on contracts, licensing, and copyright infringement claims.
    Identifying, and protecting your company’s valuable, proprietary, and confidential information from misappropriation by competitors.
    Protect your company’s economic, intellectual, and creative investments from the fraudulent, deceptive, and dishonest trade practices of competitors.

Successfully defining and defending copyrights, trademarks, and patents on the cutting edge of technological advancement takes ingenuity and insight. Call Skelton Taintor & Abbott at 207.784.3200 for an initial consultation.