Public Finance Law

Over the past 160 years, Skelton Taintor & Abbott have developed innovative and effective legal and financial strategies for financing and insuring complex public projects at an affordable cost.

The public finance law experts at ST&A have extensive experience advising and advocating for local governments, town boards, quasi-governmental entities, regulated industries, and public utilities across New England. Let us help you provide the legal framework for your upcoming project through:

  • Municipal bonds
  • Revenue bonds
  • General obligation bonds

ST&A can also assist you with municipal financing through the Maine Municipal Bond Bank, the Farmers’ Home Administration (FMHA), and private lenders. And because we are centrally located on Auburn, Maine’s historic waterfront, we are able to offer our premium legal services at a lower cost than other firms of our caliber located on the coast.

If you have big plans, we have the legal and financial advice that will power them forward. Call 207.784.3200 to talk with a public finance law expert at ST&A today.