Unionized Workplaces May Be Able to Recover Fair Share Fees Paid in Past

Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that agency fee charges to public sector labor unions violate the Constitution.  On a 5-4 vote, the justices overturned a 1977 Supreme Court precedent that had allowed the so-called agency fees or “fair share” fees that are collected from millions of non-union workers in lieu of union dues to fundRead More

Paper Streets – Again! A Window that Closes September 29, 2017

Maine municipalities face another deadline for action to preserve their rights to accept the incipient dedication of undeveloped streets in “ancient” subdivisions recorded before September 29, 1987. A statute enacted in 1987, 23 MRS § 3032, provided that paper streets in such subdivisions are deemed vacated unless the municipality constructed or used and accepted theRead More

Landlord-Tenant Evictions: Courts and Litagation

Types of Tenancies/Grounds for Eviction.  Maine’s Landlord-Tenant law is contained in Title 14 of the Maine Revised Statutes.  Among other things, the law sets forth the procedure for evicting Tenants, particularly Tenants whose tenancy is not subject to a lease.  The process for terminating a tenancy and evicting a Tenant initially turns on whether theRead More