Construction And The Coronavirus Pandemic

Even with much of the economy shutting down as a result of Coronavirus-related safety measures, construction, in large part, continues. Continuing work on projects may be essential to a construction company’s survival. It also raises a number of concerns under present circumstances, including concerns over getting paid, concerns over delays in performing work, and concernsRead More

Protecting Your Right to Get Paid

Thanks to two Maine statutes, contractors in Maine can greatly increase their ability to get paid for their work by adhering to rather simple procedures. With limited exceptions, Maine’s Prompt Payment Act gives contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers the ability to recover not only sums owed to them, but also statutory interest, penalties, and attorney’s fees.Read More

Managing Risks Through Contracts: Scope of Work

ST&A Construction Law Bulletin: The details of contracts are easy to overlook. At the outset of a project, everyone is on good terms, and the fine points of a contract can seem like more of an annoyance than a necessity. However, paying attention to details can help avoid disputes that lead to costly litigation downRead More

Sweat the Details of Your Contract

  ST&A Construction Law Bulletin:  Construction contracts are often treated as annoying afterthoughts. At the outset of a project, all the players are on good terms, everyone knows — or they think they know — what is expected from each player, and spending a lot of time on the details of a written contract seemsRead More

Understand Your Insurance: CGL Coverage

ST&A Construction Law Bulletin: Many contractors and project owners enter into contracts or projects with a false sense of security because the contractor has an insurance policy with limits that exceed the value of the project. If a dispute arises over allegedly defective work, everybody assumes insurance will take care of the problem. Often, thatRead More