Preparing for A Divorce

If you are considering seeking a divorce or have recently been served with papers seeking a divorce, you might be overwhelmed by the process and wondering what you should be doing. Every situation is different, but starting to collect and organize your documents and information can help make the process go more efficiently and smoothly.Read More

Facebook Posts Not Protected by First Amendment

On July 24, Maine’s highest court, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, ruled that certain facebook posts made by Richard Heffron III were not protected from prosecution by the First Amendment. He was convicted of violating a protection from abuse order as a result.  He had been ordered to have no contact, direct or indirect, withRead More

What do I do if I’m being stalked?

The first step is to know what “stalking” is in Maine. In Maine, a Protection from Harassment Order is a civil means to get someone who is harassing you to stay away from you.  5 M.R.S. § 4651.  You do not need to have a prior relationship with the person to qualify for protection.  IfRead More