How Do We Keep The Camp In The Family Forever?

  The topic of common property ownership comes up frequently in the state of Maine with many people owning lake and beach properties in addition to their primary residences. It is commonplace for people to pass down their real estate to the next generation. This holds particularly true for sentimental vacation property. It may seem relativelyRead More

Funeral Directions Separate from a Will

The Maine Legislature recently passed a law which provides that written directions regarding your funeral will be binding on all parties. The prior law was that your “next of kin” had the right to make your funeral arrangements unless you made prepaid arrangements.  This often resulted in disputes among family members with different ideas aboutRead More

The Importance of a Will

Every person over the age of eighteen should have a will. A will allows you to decide who will receive your assets upon your death.  If you do not have a will, the State of Maine decides who receives your assets.  The rules the State of Maine established to distribute your assets may not beRead More

The Importance of a Healthcare Power of Attorney

Every person over the age of eighteen should have a healthcare power of attorney. A “healthcare” or “medical” power of attorney allows you to choose another individual, your “agent”, to make medical decisions for you.  Your physician will always ask you, as the patient, for your decision about any medical procedure so long as youRead More