What Employers Should Be Thinking About as Coronavirus Continues to Disrupt Our Lives and the Workplace

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) a “pandemic.”  Employers should mobilize and prepare now to ensure that they are equipped to handle the inevitable disruptions in the workplace that this relatively unprecedented pandemic may cause.  Here are some things you should be thinking about: Tough QuestionsRead More

New Guidance from the Federal Department of Labor on Paying Employees

The United States Department of Labor (DOL)’s Wage and Hour Division announced recently that it published several new guidance documents called “opinion letters” on wage and hour issues.  An “opinion letter” is an official, written opinion by the DOL on how a particular law applies in specific circumstances.  These opinion letters can be quite helpfulRead More

Make Sure Your Company Summer Outing Isn’t a Bar-B-Que Recipe for Disaster…

As summer heats up and employees attempt to cool down and blow off steam at company-sponsored summer outings, businesses should be wary that what happens at the summer outing doesn’t necessarily stay at the summer outing. Remember, company summer outings are still fair-game for sexual harassment issues and other employee grievances to develop. According toRead More