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Workplace Injury

On-the-job injuries can happen in any line of work. Those injuries happen to thousands of Americans every year. Unfortunately, many injured workers fail to collect all of their medical and financial benefits because they mistakenly believe that they don’t need an attorney. A workplace injury can put your financial future in jeopardy, so it’s vital that you understand your rights if you are hurt. The insurance companies have attorneys protecting their rights. So should you.

Common workplace accidents include:

  • Slip, trip, and falls;
  • Heat burns;
  • Electrical burns;
  • Explosion injuries;
  • Exposure to harmful substances;
  • Falls from ladders or scaffolding;
  • Defective equipment;
  • Inadequate danger warnings;
  • Unsafe flooring.

Nearly all workers are covered under Maine workers’ compensation, which provides medical and wage benefits for a job-related injury or illness. Workers’ compensation benefits include:

  • Payment of medical and hospital bills;
  • Payment of your mileage incurred for medical appointments;
  • Payment of weekly income while you are out of work;
  • Payment for temporary, permanent or partial disability if you are unable to resume your job after doctors have determined you have recovered to the full extent possible;
  • Vocational rehabilitation (consisting of job placement, training or education).

In addition to seeking workers’ compensation benefits, a person who has suffered a workplace accident may have the right to pursue a civil lawsuit against a negligent third party. This option can be extremely helpful in securing the best possible compensation for your injuries in a timely manner. Examples of third-party claims include:

  • Industrial accidents caused by defective products manufactured by someone other than the worker’s employer;
  • Injuries caused by unsafe premises (if owned or operated by someone other than the worker’s employer);
  • Injuries caused by a worker from a different company on the worker’s job site.

If you are injured at work, you should consider having your case evaluated by an attorney to make sure that you are receiving all of the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to obtain and to see if you have a viable claim against a third party.

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