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Mar 17, 2014

Ten Tips to Avoiding the Commission, Courts, and Claims

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Employees are our biggest assets – and often the largest line item on our lists of expenses – but dealing with employment issues can be mind boggling in terms of the breadth of legal issues involved, the fact that the laws are constantly in flux, and risks to the bottom line presented.  For small businesses, compliance is difficult because there may be no separate human resources professional, a problem also vexing non-profits.  While following the golden rule is one of the easiest ways to minimize risk of legal claims, it is ultimately much more complicated than that.  There are many requirements that must be met even if all employees are being treated decently and some number of legal precautions are actually counterintuitive.  That being said, this program will help identify a number of areas that seem to crop up the most and that will help companies reduce even further the risk of claims, Commission actions, and court cases.  The discussion will range from harassment policies to wage and hour issues to social media policies to personnel files and more.  If there are particular issues attendees would like to see addressed (issues as opposed to requests for legal advice on a particular matter), send those in advance to  

LOCATION:  Androscoggin Chamber of Commerce conference room at the Business Service Center
415 Lisbon street, Lewiston

DATE:  March 27
TIME:  8:30 to 10:30
COST:  $25 

PRESENTER:  Rebecca Webber, ESQ., Of Skelton, Taintor & Abbott