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Pay Up: New Maine Minimum Wage in 2019 Which Also Affects Salaried Employees

Starting in January 2019, Maine’s minimum wage goes up to $11.00 an hour. Is there a new poster that goes with that change?  Yes there is, and you can print it free from this link: That minimum wage rate also affects the minimum that must be paid to salaried employees in order to keepRead More

Preparing for A Divorce

If you are considering seeking a divorce or have recently been served with papers seeking a divorce, you might be overwhelmed by the process and wondering what you should be doing. Every situation is different, but starting to collect and organize your documents and information can help make the process go more efficiently and smoothly.Read More

How Do I Take The Deposition Of A Witness In Maine For Use In A Case Pending In A Different State?

The Maine Rules of Civil Procedure make it easy to depose witnesses in Maine for use in a civil case pending in a foreign jurisdiction. Rule 30(h) sets forth the process.  Out-of-state counsel must retain local counsel in Maine to assist, but from there the process is relatively straightforward.  First, local counsel will submit anRead More

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