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If You Get a Trademark - Should It Be In Maine or Throughout the United States (Part II)

To Trademark or Not to Trademark? (Part I)

IRS Rules LLC’s Can Establish ESOPs

Landlord-Tenant Evictions: Courts and Litigation

Who Has Priority - Bank Financing versus Mechanics Lien?

The Insurance Company’s Duty to Defend

The "Business Risks" Exclusions in Commercial General Liability Insurance


Understand Your Insurance: CGL Coverage

Employment & Labor Law

Independent Contractor Violations Continue: How to Avoid the Heat in 2018

Update: Don't Forget About Your Interns... Should You be Paying Them?

Drug Testing?

Harassment Policies and Best Practices

Legal Update for Employers

New Maine Requirements on Harassment: Get Your Train Game On

HR Thursdays: Religious Accommodation Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

Rebecca Webber part of panel on Maine Public Radio

Form Over Matter Matters and Other ICE Details

Protecting Those Who Serve

Make Sure Your Company Summer Outing Isn't a Bar-B-Que Recipe for Disaster...

Non-solicitation Agreements

Medical Information: Ask for Only the Information You Need

When "Just to Be Sure" Can Violate the ADA . . .

Don't FMLA Leave Me and Other Vexing Issues

FMLA Leave - Paper, Paper, Paper!!

LGBTQ in the workplace and beyond: ask the Commission for guidance

National Origin Discrimination: What You Need to Know... And Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask

Pay Up: New Maine Minimum Wage Affects Salaried Employees

Mental Health in the Workplace: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

So no new DOL rule or what?

The New I-9 is Now Available!

The Feds Talk Turkey: Business Resource Center on Federal Discrimination Laws

Post offer health screenings and fitness for duty evaluations

Federal Overtime Rule Changes as They Apply to Maine Employers

Fluctuating Workweek: Don't Think of It as a "Loophole"

Celebrate August 2016 with a new Required Poster

EEOC Enters First Settlement in Sexual Orientation Case: How to React

With terminations, it's all about reducing risk

The New-ish FMLA Poster and What To Do With It

Stress Relief from the Drama of the New Wage Regulations

No-Cost Courses for Employers on Complying with Employment Regulations


Update on Minimum Wage Changes in Maine

Your Wage and Hour Questions the DOL Itself

I wager DOL will find something

Lunch Time Trouble and Wage Deductions

How not to get ICE'd by I-9 forms

The GINA not to ask for or tell about

Bring Your Own Device Policies

Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Inquiries About An Employee's Health

Union laws apply to non-union workplaces: Non-solicitation and non-distribution policies even where there is no union

When Domestic Violence Affects Your Employees

Religious Accomodation in the Workplace

Federal Department of Labor Issues Opinion on Independent Contractors

The recent Abercrombie case: pretending you don’t know isn’t a good defense

Tips For Defending Unemployment Claims On Your Own

New FMLA Forms

Unemployment Claims, Part One

Volunteer or Employee: Do you know the Difference?

Training Managers

Don’t mix wages and conduct when it comes to paying employees

Designating FMLA Leave When the Employee Has Other Plans

State and Federal OSHA Ring in 2015 Changes for ALL Businesses

Three Rules for Employers: Document; Document; Document

OFCCP Law Update For our banking clients

Injured employees in the workplace

Cell Phone, Text and Email Policies

Break Time

The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act

Social Media, Personnel Policies, and the NLRA

The new Maine test for independent contractors (vs employees) in 2013

Estate Planning, Probate & Elder Law

Powers of Attorney Critical for Young Adults

Municipal & Governmental

Paper Streets - Again! A window that closes September 29, 2017

City Sidewalk, Busy Sidewalks, Slippery Winter Sidewalks

Cell Tower Decision Protects Municipal Appeals Processes

One Member’s Bias Can Taint a Government Vote

Nursing Homes

Maine Care Recovery Strategy

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Maine Government Resources

  • Maine Senate: Home page of the Maine Senate, including a list of members, officers, and bills.
  • Maine House of Representatives: Home page of the Maine House of Representatives, including a list of members, officers, and bills.
  • Maine Legislation: Searchable database of current legislation.
  • Maine Online Law Reference Library: A state law and legislative reference library that serves the public interest by providing legal and governmental information services without discrimination to the people of Maine, their government, and the legal community.
  • Maine State Agency Rules: A link to the state's  administrative procedure act, which is designed to improve public access to agency decision-making and to increase awareness of agency rules.

Maine Legal Groups

  • Maine Bar: Professional and public service organization of more than 3,100 member lawyers licensed to practice in Maine.
  • Maine Bar Foundation: Maine's only statewide nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to law-related charitable work.
  • Help ME Law: Provides legal information for low-income people in the State of Maine, including easy-to-read self-help information on a variety of legal topics.
  • Maine Trial Lawyers Association: Professional trade association providing advocacy, continuing legal education, public education, membership and marketing services to Maine attorneys and the people they represent.

Maine Courts